Pro MMA Training

Pro MMA Training (Sparring)

These classes are for the Pro MMA Fight Team at Phuket Top Team & visiting pro MMA fighters who have been invited to train with the team of professionals at PTT.

Boxing is one of the best sports that provides complete workout to your body as well as helps you in improving and maintaining your fitness levels. To get maximum benefit from the sport you need to have the right set of equipments and for boxing you must have the best gloves. If you are an amateur, you must consider the following tips for buying gloves.

Just like any other sport the boxing gloves are made of different materials. You can buy a pair of leather gloves for training purposes. Although, the leather gloves can be a bit expensive it would be worth the money as it would last long. For professional boxers it is best advised to buy a pair that has laces and for amateur boxers a pair of gloves with Velcro would work just fine for training in the gym.

Level 1 - Improves physical strength and mental conditioning

It is the most important level of training as it constitutes the foundation of your skill and techniques. Usually, the martial arts trainers lay a lot of emphasis on level 1 training. If you do the basics well it becomes much easier for you to deal with the tough condition of the other levels. Strong physical fitness and mental attitude would hold you in good stead to sustain for a long time during the fights. When you complete the level 1 training you would feel a lot more confident about your abilities and you can tackle the challenges in a better way.

Level 2 - Technical Skills

As you move up from level 1, the focus of training will shift from improving your strength to improving your skills and techniques. At this stage of Pro MMA training, the instructors assess the individual's ability and focus on training in specific disciplines like karate, Muay Thai or Wrestling. You need to know your strengths and develop the technical skills to fight with the best of your ability. During the course of the training you would learn various defence techniques to block and counter the opponents' attacks. Also, you would learn how to get out of submission moves and put your opponent into submission from different positions.

Level 3 - Tactical Approach

All mixed martial arts athletes need to have different strategies to be able to defeat their opponents. Remember, every opponent is different and you need to have a specific strategy in place to combat their moves. This is what the trainers focus on at this level. The instructors teach you different techniques on how to analyse different opponents in terms of their strengths and weakness and how to improvise the strategy and develop a good game plan to defeat the opponent.

Now that you are aware of the Pro MMA training levels make sure that you correctly follow the order to become a professional fighter.

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