Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp has the advantage of being an indoor MMA facility. The indoor aspect means – no stray dogs walking over the training area, no dirty shoes, no dirt or rubbish blowing over the training mats. This combined with constant cleaning and disinfecting of the mats, bags and training equipment will all help prevent bacteria and infection from occurring.

The outdoor Muay Thai, Boxing and Strength and Conditioning area is constantly and regularly cleaned and wiped over with disinfectant.


Always shower within 30 minutes of finishing training Wash all training clothes after training and make sure to properly dry them Always disinfect then cover any scratches or open wounds/sores Dont scratch mosquito bites – apply a lotion If you have any wounds/redness – make sure to watch them and if needed apply an antibiotic cream Pharmacies in the area are very aware of infections, so don’t hesitate to ask them Due to the humidity in Thailand open wounds, scratches and cuts will often take longer to heal. Moisture in the air prevents cuts/wounds from drying out and healing over. This simply means apply the right creams or anti bacterial lotions and then cover the area with tape or strapping.

Anyone student with Staff, ring worm or any other contagious infection, is asked to refrain from training or being at the gym until they heal 100%

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