Phuket Top Team implements wrestling to create a well rounded MMA    ompetitor or even a better BJJ    practitioner.

Wrestlers such as Ben Askren, Dan Henderson, King Mo, Daniel Cormier, Chael Sonnen and many more. Have shown that wrestling in MMA is not only essential but often a very dominant force.

Phuket Top Team will be using all forms of wrestling and submission wrestling   o merge together with boxing, muay thai and other skills. We believe we have the best coaches and trainers to teach our classes and build up well rounded MMA fighters and students.


Check the Timetable Page  to see what classes are run and when.

Phuket Top Team has the strongest wrestling program in Thailand. Hosted by Professional MMA fighter and Elite level wrestlers. Phuket Top Team see very big gains in students Bjj, grappling and MMA training when they implement wrestling to their training.

Phuket Top Team's wrestling in 3 times a week and consist of a class run by high level wrestlers and often with students who themselves have competed in wrestling. Adding wrestling to your program will enhance your Jiu Jitsu and most definitely enhance your MMA game.

Wrestling is a fantastic way to get fit, get strong, build confidence and learn new skills that you can take with you into your Bjj or MMA.