Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is a modern and very important element of MMA   Strength and Conditioning at Phuket Top Team is implemented using functional training methods and sport specific exercises.

MMA and in fact almost all modern sports are using elements of strength and conditioning.

At Phuket Top Team you will be flipping tires, climbing ropes, smashing tire sledge hammers, doing battle ropes and working through many numerous kettle bell exercises. Using these exercises combined with some body weight exercises and power sprint, we put together all you need to build the right body to fuel the skills you pick up at Phuket Top Team.

Fitness is a key element of Mixed Martial Art  , however simply running and hitting the bag/pads is not harnessing your total fitness. Strength and Conditioning gives you muscular endurance, explosiveness and fighting power. 

Check the Timetable Page   to see what classes are run and when.


Strength and Conditioning at Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp, brings you so many benefits. Weight loss, fitness, strength, muscle tone, confidence not to mention how much the strength and conditioning classes will assist in your muay thai , wrestling , bjj   grappling  or mma  skills.

The Strength & Conditioning will work so many aspects of your body. While increased strength and added conditioning are bonuses, you will also find benefits to your agility, speed, explosiveness, cardiovascular output, your V02 max levels, reflexes and even your flexibility.

Our classes are broken into 3 main styles over 5 classes a week.

First you will have the regular circuit days with hard hitting intensity and working your strength & conditioning combined to spread across 5/6 timed rounds of rotating exercises. The second style of workout are our Lifting day - helping to enhance strength, explosiveness and overall core power. The third style of workout is our speed and agility day, this day will focus on jumps, footwork, trx exercises, reflex based drills and some sprints.

Combining all of these styles of exercise will change every aspect of your training for the better.

Those looking to achieve weight loss and fitness while in Phuket will benefit alot from these classes.