No Gi Jiu Jitsu

No Gi- Jiu Jistu or submission grappling is the modern evolution of BJJ. Designed to better detail and create the feeling for grappling in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Grappling brings bjj skills, wrestling skills, sambo skills, judo and all ground skills into the one world. Students can focus on what best suits them for Mixed Martial Arts and of course Grappling Tournaments.

No Gi grappling is exciting, fast paced and creative. For those training No-Gi grappling in Thailand, there is no better place that Phuket Top Team. 

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Submission Grappling at Phuket Top Team is a huge part of our training. 

Submission grappling brings all the techniques from Folk Wrestling, catch wrestling, Luta Livre, freestyle wrestling, brazilian jiu jitsu, judo and sambo. Submission fighting as a base is a   sport that we now see as MMA / Mixed Martial Arts, Pankration, Vale Tudo and many others. 

Phuket Top Team has a submission grappling program that is second to none. Including elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaches, Wrestling Coaches and high level MMA fighters.

Important aspects of No gi Jiu Jitsu Training

An offshoot of Jiu Jitsu, No gi Jiu Jitsu is more precisely a combination of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and wrestling. The "wrestling" element was added when the original martial art came into contact with the wrestling world out of its originating continent. What makes the no gi different from the Gi is that it is based more on the application of under/over-hooks than the use of leverage and control. There are many features, traits and training characteristics to this hybrid form of martial art, as can be found in the following guide.

No-Gi Experts as Submission Experts

No-Gi experts are known as some of the most effective submission experts in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The art form is a perilous combination of the submission and guard work in BJJ and the takedowns in wrestling. The No gi Jiu Jitsu grappler is capable of getting the upper hand in almost any positions.

The popularity of the sport has been closely tied to the rise of MMA and many related tournaments. The martial art gives the grappler more pace, scrambles, and other tiny variations that significantly improve the game. It is now considered to be superior to BJJ when it comes to both training and implementation.

No Gi Training Features

Some of the main features of the training programme in no gi are as follows:


The training programme in no gi is slower compared to BJJ. Because of the better level of control, the training is relatively safer. This is important, especially for the beginners who lack technique and make use of their power and agility.

Problem Solving Approach

The no gi training programme follows a problem-solving approach based on factors like speed, strength and physical size of the opponent. One of the important aspects of this approach is that the student enters a beast mode to get out of difficult situations. It basically works on figuring out a way out of complex situations rather than freaking out.

Complicated Techniques

As already mentioned, no gi has a slower pace of training. But it is also more methodical in nature. This is because students will be learning more complicated and multi-directional movements. The movements are difficult to learn and can take time to master.

Calmer Approach

As already mentioned, No gi Jiu Jitsu has a methodical and calmer approach to training. This allows the student to be able to focus on each aspect of the movement, which helps promote better learning.

The combination of all these aspects makes training for no gi a more gratifying experience even if it is more complex.