Muay Thai

Welcome to Thailand, the undisputed home of Muay Thai " The home of literally thousands of muay thai fighters and many champions.

Phuket Top Team has setup an MMA training  camp in Thailand, in doing so we have the ability to interact, train, learn from and fight with many of the best muay thai trainers  and fighters in the world. Muay thai has seen a increase in popularity as people are seeing its benefits in MMA events like the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator.

Phuket Top Team has put together world class muay thai training and combined it with muay thai training that suits and is accessible to Mixed Martial Arts  fighting. You will find no better pad holders than thai trainers and Phuket Top Team has a handful of the best in Thailand. Thai’s are also more than happy to spar regularly and work a lot of clinching.

Muay Thai is not only a sport in Thailand " it’s THE sport. Muay thai is Thai culture and a way of life.

Training at Phuket Top Team we offer muay thai training and muay thai that works for MMA.

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Muay Thai in Phuket is a unique experience. The island life, markets, festivals, beaches all combined with the highest level of Muay Thai coaches, fighters and students.

Many of the best from Bangkok venture to Phuket to earn money teaching and fighting, meaning Phuket really does get the best muay thai available.

Muay Thai as a form of striking and stand up fighting has grown in popularity. Muay thai is now a highly regarded striking base for MMA. MMA fighters such as Anderson Silva, Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva, Cowboy Cerrone, Thiago Silva, Gina Carano, Cyborg and many others (including many champions) have used and show high level Muay Thai to win MMA fights and UFC championship titles. There are now very few if any MMA fighters who do not implement Muay Thai striking heavily into there MMA game.

The best Muay Thai in Phuket we believe is right here at Phuket Top Team.

Take a look at our Coaching staff and fight team  - including so many titles, champions and up-coming talent.

Important Muay Thai Tips for Beginners

Muay Thai is a kind of combat sport that is native to Thailand. Today, the sport has become extremely popular around the world and a large number of people are enrolling into various sports academy to learn this martial arts form. The sport is one of the best ways to learn self defense techniques and improve general fitness. If you are newbie you must follow the below mentioned tips to get best results:

• Take it easy

One of the most common mistakes that the amateurs who start training in any sport make is that they get overwhelmed and try to push themselves too hard and expect quick results. Muay Thai is a kind of sport in which the basic moves matter a lot and practising the simple moves to attain perfection is pertinent. Pushing too hard from the start will only lead to unwanted injuries and therefore it is important to take it easy.

• Training can be painful initially

Remember that good things never come easy. When you begin training you may experience great pain as you stretch your entire body and strengthen the core muscles. During the course of the training you may even experience some minor injuries, especially if you are not used to doing exercise.

If you believe that the training session will include only the usual things like jogging a mile, practise punches on the punching bag, moving up and down the stairs, then you must think twice. Although pain, bruises and injuries are common it is important to be determined as your body will soon get used to the sessions within a couple of weeks and the pain will subside too.

• Enjoy what you do

This is one of the most important tips to remember while starting training in any martial arts sport. If you feel that the training is too harsh or dislike attending the sessions then you may not get anywhere close to learning the skills or even improve your body. On the other hand if you keep yourself motivated and enjoy doing the exercises and going through the drills you would attain unimaginable results and become a pro Muay Thai fighter.

• Blindly follow what your instructor says

As a novice it is your prime duty to obey and respect your trainer. The trainer is a master in the sport and it is therefore important that you strictly follow the trainer's instructions and do whatever he/she tells you to do. The trainers know your body better than you and they will have a specific routine for you to suit your body.