SledgeHammer /MMA Striking

SledgeHammer Striking is a class based on drilling, techniques & some light sparring. The class is for all levels from beginner to advance.

For the professional established pro fighters we have MMA Pro Training (Sparring) 

Mixed Martial Arts the fastest growing sport in the world.

Phuket Top Team was ranked the 6th best Asian MMA gym and also ranked as the no.1 Thailand based MMA gym.

Phuket Top Team is an MMA Training camp in Thailand. The focus here is MMA, obviously we have the benefit of being able to embrace muay thai training and fighting.

Mixed Martial Arts is the world’s fastest growing sport. MMA offer everything to everyone, in fitness mma has some amazing benefits with the advantage of being able to mentally and physically develop yourself. For those wanting to take the next step and look into possibly fighting, Phuket Top Team is here and can offer what is needed for serious, technical and very physical training.

Thailand is a beautiful place that offers cheap accommodation, food and training.

With the growth of UFC and Strikeforce and many other organisations across Asia and Europe, MMA is a sport that has captured the mind and bodies of many thousands upon thousands of people world-wide.

Phuket Top Team has built a fight team  and a team of trainers  that believe in hard work and dedication. Phuket Top Team does not wish to embrace huge ego’s, we prefer to build confidence through dedication, perspiration and world class training.

Check the Timetable Page   to see what classes are run and when.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that involves the use of strikes and grappling techniques, where fighters go from the ground to the feet and fight on any level in between. The competitors for MMA fights come from any and all styles of fighting. 

Modern forms of MMA can be linked back to ancient Olympics and the well known hand to hand combat sysytem of fighting know as Pankration. Vale Tudo was born in Brazil in around the 1920s and was later brought to the USA by the now famous Gracie family.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) came about in 1993 and grew to what we now know as the biggest MMA organisation in the world. 

The sport of MMA then evolved to include more rules, regulations, testing and eventually grew into the massive sport we see today.

MMA has grown so rapidly we now see it spread across the globe.

The reach of MMA hit Asia with a boom - the PRIDE era of MMA was a 'golden era' to many Mixed Martial Arts fans. With the modern scene now seeing ONE FC, ROAD FC, URCC, PXC, Legend FC, Shooto, Vale Tudo Japan, Dare and many other Asian MMA organisations coming up in strength and great showings.

With the Asian MMA scene booming, places like Thailand and of course the tropical island of Phuket - have become MMA training camp destinations for MMA students, MMA fighters and even the best of MMA coaches.

Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp in Thailand, is a fine example of the MMA scene spreading to create the best possible gym and training facilities in Asia.

How Mixed Marital Arts Training Can Make You A Better Person

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts as the name suggests is a combinations of different martial arts forms such as Wrestling, Jujitsu, Karate, Grappling, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do all rolled into one. It is a modern combat form that came into existence only recently in 1993. Initially, the sport was based on the idea of pitting different fighters who are experts in different styles against each other to determine which fighting style would be the best in real combat situation.

When the sport was first introduced it had minimal rules and the fights were held in no holds barred format but during the later years of 1990s the governing bodies of the sport introduced strict rules and regulation to ensure safety of the athletes. Over the years the sport has gained immense popularity and people have realised the various physical and mental benefits. Some of the important benefits of enrolling to a martial arts and how it can make you a better person are discussed below:

  • One of the most important aspects of any martial arts training is discipline. During the course of your MMA -mixed martial arts the trainers will teach you how to be disciplined in your various movements so as to make a maximum impact. Besides, the rigorous training sessions help in improving your character and boost your self-confidence. As the trainers keep pushing you to accomplish things beyond your capacity you feel mentally tough and this confidence can be carried in to your everyday life and you would yourself become a better person than before.
Anger management
  • Anger management is one of the most common problems that people find it difficult to deal with. Even though martial arts is all about aggression and power while facing your opponent the training process helps you learn the valuable lesson of how to control your power and avoid using it recklessly. During the course of your training, the trainers lay huge emphasis on teaching the students about how it is important to stay focused to attain success despite several failed attempts. The training inculcates the virtue of perseverance and determination.
  • The training helps you understand that every person is himself/herself responsible for their own actions and it is important to strictly adhere to rules. This training can be implemented both in the tournaments as well as real life.
Physical Benefits
  • Lastly the most obvious benefits of MMA-mixed martial arts training is the physical benefits, you would not only gain core strength, get full body work out, increase stamina as well as lose weight.