Phuket Top Team has one of the best coaching lineups in Asia.

Having been voted as a 'top 5 MMA gym in Asia' and the best MMA gym in Thailand, was an honor and something we worked hard to achieve.

Phuket Top Team has the deepest talent pool for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Thailand, the only true wrestling program and a world class coaches in all areas.

With 2 Brazilian born, raised and graded black belts. The Wrestling is held by a USA state champion wrestler, the muay thai has 9 world class trainers and former Rajadarmnern and world champions. Our strength and conditioning is headlined by a current Bellator MMA fighter certified in Strength & Conditioning and the MMA program is headed by 3rd degree black belt and a muay thai veteran / stand up coach of world class standards.

Coaches / Trainers / Professors & Kru