Samkor Kiatmontep

Samkor Kiatmontep "Batman"

Lumpinee Champion 115 lbs 

Lumpinee Champion 122 lbs 

Lumpinee Champion 130 lbs

WMC World Champion 135 lbs

Samkor is regarded as one of the 'Greatest Of All Time' 

He has what most consider the most lethal and destructive left kick in all of Muay Thai

At 37 years of age and 200 +  fights Samkor is still strong, lean, intelligent and very technical.

Samkor is in-fact still taking occasional fights against foreign fighters (winning 7 from 7 at the age of 36)

The experience, technique, attitude and determination Samkor brings to the class, his students and PTT are something very rare.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to train with one of the greatest of all time, and a role model and exceptional Kru/trainer.