Welcome to Phuket Top Team Thailand

Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp is a world class MMA facility based in Thailand.

With a focus on personalised training and a team atmosphere at Phuket Top Team we have paved the way for many MMA fighters, potential fighters and those serious about their MMA training.

Thailand is the home of Muay Thai and Asia is the booming home of Mixed martial Arts, Phuket Top Team are taking full advantage of the Muay Thai skills and teachings available to complement a well rounded training program including, Submission Wrestling    Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu    Freestyle Wrestling   Western Boxing   Muay Thai   K-1 striking   and of course the MMA   class. To supplement these classes Phuket Top Team will have  Strength and Conditioning

  Yoga and TRX training available.

Phuket Top Team was voted in the top 6 MMA gyms in all of Asia and subsequently also voted the best MMA gym in Thailand.

Phuket Top Team facilities are built to support a team of dedicated students, we are not a resort or over commercial Mcdojo.

Phuket Top Team features a Huge Undercover Outdoor area for Muay Thai, western boxing and Strength and conditioning while the MMA, bjj, submission grappling and wrestling are all held indoors in a fully matted training area. The indoor area offers matted floors and walls (300+ square feet) fully air conditioned as well as a full size professional MMA Cage in a separate indoor room. Inside you will also find the P.T.T. Fight Shop Phuket - Fully stocked with the complete range of Fairtex and Phuket Top Team equipment, clothing, bags and training gear.

Phuket Top Team is a constantly evolving gym – with facilities and training constantly growing and evolving to maintain the highest standard of training. We also offer Budget On Site Rooms   llowing guests to live, train, eat and focus on their goals, while at Phuket Top Team.

Whether your goals are weight loss, improved skills, becoming a fighter or to even become a world class MMA, Muay Thai or Bjj Champion. Phuket Top Team has exactly what you need to achieve these results. The proof is in the results we are constantly achieving in all areas of combat sports.

Phuket Top Team Welcome’s all students – beginners, intermediate and fighters.

We do put emphasis on those that want to be or are Professional athletes, but those who are beginners will benefit from being around those who are striving to succeed. We truly welcome all people – and the truth is, there is no better way to lose weight and get fit than hard work and constant motivation.

We expect the best from our students and in return we offer the best training available. The Coaches / Trainers at Phuket Top Team are world class and very hungry to teach and train with the team.

Phuket Top Team is focusing on maintaining a small & tight knit training family within this MMA camp. MMA has been known to sometimes create Ego driven personalities - Phuket Top Team is building a camp for the dedicated athletes, there is no room for extended Ego’s.

Our team motto is “No Ego’s Only Dedication”

Thailand and Phuket in particular offers people the ability for cheap accommodation, cheap food, beautiful beaches, cheap & world class training and the freedom to live, eat and sleep training.

The Mixed Martial Arts scene in Phuket - Thailand has grown now so much so that we have seen many UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator and ONE FC fighters relocating here to live and train as well as simply visiting Phuket for MMA training camps and MMA training holidays. 

Phuket Top Team is a training camp that offers the worlds highest levels of Muay Thai, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, No-Gi Grappling, Wrestling, Strength & Conditioning as well as TRX and western boxing.

The tropical paradise of Phuket is the place to come and focus 100% on your training, all while being in a cheap yet luxurious surrounding.

A good question might be... why train anywhere else ?

As Phuket Top Team offers the best mma training camp in Thailand and easily one of the top MMA camps in all of Asia.

Phuket Top Team not only has a world class MMA, Wrestling, Bjj and S&C program but we also have one of the best muay thai gyms in Asia and in Thailand. We can say this as we offer a training staff that includes 3 x lumpinee champion and muay thai legend Samkor Kiatmontep   2 x Rajadarmnern champion Kru Choek, current Muay Thai champion Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn and a cast of 6 other muay thai trainers all with over 150 fights to there name.

Phuket Top Team has seen Muay Thai fighters Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn, Ilya Grad, Antuan Siangboxing, Leo Siangboxing and Irshaad Sayed all train here for fights.

Phuket Top Team truly is and truly does offer the best of both worlds.

World class Muay Thai and a world class MMA program.

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