Western boxing is a vital skill set for any professional muay thai , MMA or boxing fighter.

In the world of MMA it is undeniable that boxing has a huge im

pact on the performance of elite fighters. Along with this boxing is a skill that can be highly effective in muay thai bouts.

MMA fighters such as Eddie Alvarez, Nogueira, Junior Dos Santos, Bj Penn and many more have been able to show how effective boxing is for MMA.

Training at Phuket Top Team we offer Boxing that you can directly apply to your muay thai and MMA skill set.

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Essential Tips for Buying Boxing Gloves

Boxing is one of the best sports that provides complete workout to your body as well as helps you in improving and maintaining your fitness levels. To get maximum benefit from the sport you need to have the right set of equipments and for boxing you must have the best gloves. If you are an amateur, you must consider the following tips for buying gloves.

Just like any other sport the boxing gloves are made of different materials. You can buy a pair of leather gloves for training purposes. Although, the leather gloves can be a bit expensive it would be worth the money as it would last long. For professional boxers it is best advised to buy a pair that has laces and for amateur boxers a pair of gloves with Velcro would work just fine for training in the gym.

One of the most important aspects to consider while buying a pair of gloves is the size; it should perfectly fit your hands. Usually, the gloves come in different sizes such as small, medium and large. For an average man the large size glove should fit perfectly, whereas for an average woman medium sized gloves would be ideal. Remember that the gloves tend to stretch a little over a period so you must buy accordingly. The thumb rule is that the gloves should snugly fit around your hands and you must feel comfortable wearing it.

While buying boxing gloves you may find that there are different manufactures in the market but you must be careful about choosing low quality as it would make you vulnerable to injuries. You must look for reputed brands that provide value for your money as well ensure safety.

Next, you must consider is the weight. It is best advised to take help from your trainer regarding the weight of the gloves. Since you would be closely working with your trainer he/she would be the best person to help you choose the perfect pair based on your skills and training routine. Usually, the trainers advise the amateurs to buy gloves that weigh around 12 to 14 ounce.

Lastly, before buying a pair of gloves you must consider buying hand wraps. This is to be worn beneath the gloves and it gives you additional protection for knuckles and wrists and prevents injuries. Make sure you a buy good hand wraps before buying boxing gloves.