Phuket Top Team MMA Training camp facilities are built for world class muay thai and mma training.

Students, fighters and all guests can enjoy a gym built and designed around the comfort and demands of a world class training facility.

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Phuket Top Team facilities include the following:

  • A huge outdoor training area for Muay Thai, Boxing and strength and conditioning classes.
  • The outdoor area includes 2 full size 7x7m and 2m high official Fairtex muay thai boxing rings & 1 x 5x5m Boxing ring (3 in total)
  • 18 Fairtex bags, 3 wall mount uppercut/hook bags – including the enormous 7 foot pole bags and a variety/mix of other bags
  • Ice bath for post-training recovery
  • Fully setup strength & Conditioning and weight area – featuring 40 +kettle bells, battle ropes, bench press, bars, dumbbells, tractor tires, plyometric ladders, hurdles, hammers, Bulgarian sand bags, accelerator cable, torsonator and much more.
  • The indoor area is a key feature of the facilities – with over 300 Sq foot of fully matted and padded walls for wrestling, grappling, bjj and mma classes.A second MMA area for sparring, rolling and private sessions is attached to the main area, covering a further 150 sq feet of mat space.
  • The Indoor also features 2 huge industrial Air Conditioning units, allowing for the best training environment possible.
  • Another fantastic feature to the indoor area is the Full competition size MMA cage that is off-set in a separate but connected room. This cage allows for sparring, cage work and competitions/tournaments.
  • Heading back to the outdoor area, we also have fully furnished on-site rooms. These rooms allow students to live, train and sleep on-site. This ensures a full training lifestyle.
  • The accommodation area also has showers (6) toilets (6) and change-rooms (2)
  • On-site restaurant serving protein shakes, healthy meals and fresh coconut 
  • The final area that makes up the Phuket Top Team facilities is the fully stocked Fairtex and Phuket Top Team fight shop. Selling very well priced fairtex shorts, shirts, gloves, pads and more. Alongside the phuket top team apparel line.
  • Joined to the fight shop is the reception and customer service desk. Here you can sign up, book taxis, get laundry done and organize anything you might need done!

Phuket Top Team is also working with many other business on the street (Soi tad-ied)

This connection allows customers to benefit from the following:

Titan Fitness & weights Gym (crossfit, conditioning & full weights/cardio gym) 350m from ptt

Unit 27 Strength & Conditioning Gym(world class S&C gym & training facility) 500m from ptt

Calorie Restaurant(High protein, healthy fats, low carbohydrate meal restaurant) 200m from ptt

Muscle Bar (Protein shakes, pre & post workout drinks, high protein healthy meals) 600m from ptt

Phuket Spa / Sauna & Pool(Relaxing place to be outside of training) 100m from ptt